Fluency Marketing is a specialist full-service marketing and communications partner, focused on the Advanced Materials and Engineering markets. With a wealth of expertise and experience within the industry, we have access to a huge network of customers, partners, investors and influencers. 

We are passionate about the industry we serve, helping our customers to build their brands and expand their markets, increase their sales and extend their network. We provide a range of specialist services, specifically tailored to our chosen market.

This industry is very special. It is a very close community and the people in it like to work together and encourage others to do the same. We find that companies are looking for a specialist agency that knows the industry well, but also shares the same passion for the growth of the market.

We do not sell packaged marketing. Each customer has their own unique needs and we work very closely with them to understand those needs and deliver tangible results. We work with industry drivers and influencers, market research bodies and Government, ensuring that we understand what is required to sustain the growth of our industry and to identify what challenges lie ahead. We are committed to helping our customers identify trends, and to plan and overcome upcoming challenges.

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