Fluency Marketing is offering support and guidance to companies looking to adapt a new or improved online way of working.


Over the coming weeks and months, businesses are going to become more and more reliant on their digital strategy, part of which is digital marketing. To many companies this will require both understanding and adapting a new way of doing business. It may mean trialling different online meeting channels, experimenting with social media, taking part in webinars, or ensuring you have an up-to-date and manageable website.


Starting 26th March, 2020, members of the Fluency Team will be available via Zoom by clicking here on a Thursday at 12.00 Pm GMT. To add this to your calendar, click here.

The team will use this time to answer any questions or worries you may have. We’re happy to take questions in advance, or on the day. We will also try and write up any answers as appropriate and list them below, with any additional resource that we feel you may find useful. 


Social Media

If you are yet to set up social media channels, the Fluency Marketing team will guide you through – just email or call +44 1246 792003.

Social media outlets offer a great way to increase brand awareness, engage with your customers and reach new markets. Through various channels, we will help make your company and products accessible to those who count. We're here to help you generate sales and leads, build your online brand awareness and gain valuable brand recognition.

Websites & Hosting

If you need help developing your website, Fluency Marketing are offering free hosting for all managed websites for the next 6 months. From working with you to create or enhance your digital strategy, designing a new website or just freshening up your existing assets; we will ensure that you have an engaging site with a clear and concise call to action.


Fluency will help to write customer-focused content that generates traffic to the site, engaging with customers continually. We will work with you to improve search rankings through well-thought out content and targeted backlinks and outreach.